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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Quilled Couple

Hello crafters,

Its not a card but I tried something new with Quilling so just want to share with you all.
I designed this Cute Couple with Quilling. 
Actually I have one cute wallpaper so I got this idea from that wallpaper :)
I really enjoyed while designing this card :) :)
Isn't it cute??
Hope you like it :)

Thanks a lot for visiting,

Monday, 7 April 2014

Birthday Card with Crushed flowers !!

Hello everyone,

Here I am after a very long time :)
Today I have a Birthday Card to share with you all.
Here I have tried something different with flowers. 

Here are few steps to make these beautiful flowers:

1) First cut out shapes of flowers (I used Pink Tinted paper) then color it with the help of water colors, for flowers I used Red color and for leaf I used Green color.

2) After that slowly slowly crush the wet paper and again twist the flower petals from center to get natural look. Keep it to dry for some time.

3) Then just remove the twists slowly. So here its done, now you can see your flower looks like a real one with totally different shades.

4) Do the same thing to make leaf and stems. That's it :)

Thanks a lot for visiting,