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Thursday 11 May 2017

Open When Letters

Hello everyone,

Here I am with something new to share with you all :)


I really love this concept to give letters wrapped in envelops according to different conditions and situations.

As these days we all are not getting time to greet or meet our loved ones.
Sometimes its really become difficult to express our feelings just because of distance and time right??? :(

But don't worry :) gifting Open When Letters to him/her is the best solution for this problem.
Here we can mention different situations on envelope (Happy or Sad or anything else)
and can put best message inside envelope according to that situations
Isn't it cool idea ;) :)

I am in love with this concept and I know now you too :)
So if you are interested in buying this please mail me here :

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You can also drop a message over there on my page to place order :)

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Here you can find unique and beautiful cards by me and also by other crafters.

So don't forget to visit

I will get back to you soon :)
Thanks for visiting

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Two new card updates on my website.


Have you checked my new creations on my website that's www.blossbites.com?
If no then please go and visit our site for latest updates. 
I am sharing those two creations here also;

1) Hexagonal Explosion Box

2) Twist and Pop Up card

So enough for today.
I will come soon with something new.
Don't forget to visit my website www.blossbites.com
   to buy customized gifts by me and also by other crafters.

Thanks for visiting 

Thursday 26 January 2017

Valentine Explosion Box

Hello everyone,

I am back with something new :)
Actually I have lots of scrapbooks to share with you but I am excited to share what I have made for Valentine's Day :) 
As you all know Valentine's Day is on the way ;)
Yeah!! This is Explosion box for Valentine's Day with Red and Black color combo :)

How to buy?? Don't worry!! 
Now you don't have to contact me again and again or don't even need to do any other discussions like how to send messages, photos & how to send money & when it will get delivered and all :D

Just visit below link and buy it.
Customize it with your messages and photos 
That's it :)
Your card will get delivered to your door without any efforts :)
Isn't it cool ;)


Don't forget to leave some love :)
I will come back soon with my other creations soon.
Keep shopping here

Thanks for visiting,

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Explosion Box - Red and Black

Hello everyone,

Today I have new Explosion Box to share with you all and this is my first Explosion Box of 2017 ;)

I used to make Explosion Boxes with patterned papers only but this is with just a Card Stock paper and Tinted Paper and still it looks beautiful and unique isn't it ?? :)

Last year I bought Butterfly punch and Border punch so I have used them a lot here.
I really loved those two punches.

So in short I tried to use less material and make it more elegant that's it :)

Have a look.
Hope you like it.

Don't forget to leave some love here :)
Get in touch to order here : lina.jadhav10@gmail.com
Please visit my Facebook page for regular updates: www.facebook.com/LinasHandmadeCards

See you soon :)
Thanks for visiting,

Sunday 1 January 2017

New card with one stroke painting.

Hello friends,

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year !!
Stay Blessed :)

I know, I post so rarely here, and this time there is a very big gap between my last post and today's post. But I am regular on my Facebook page :)

Anyways but from now I will try to be updated here also :)
I would like to tell you all that I have learned One stroke painting last year ;) :)
It feels really amazing while doing this, it seems like I got one more reason for living 
my life more happily  :)

So I decided to start posting with this card that I designed with one stroke painting only.
I took a little time to complete this card 
and I really enjoyed it!!
So have a look and leave some love !!
Hope you like it :)

I will come back soon,

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Mini Explosion Box.

Hello everyone,

Today I have something new to share.
Its a Mini Explosion Box, yes its little bit smaller than my regular Explosion Boxes 
Dimension: 11 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm
It looks really cute and pretty :)

It's size is small but we can add 4 short messages and 5-6 photos in it.
Isn't it nice to have this much stuff 
in such cute and small box :)
It can be customize for any occasion.

So lets customize and buy it here :)

Thanks for visiting

Saturday 6 February 2016

LOVE Scrapbook

Hope you all are good and well :)
I have something beautiful to share with you all and off course its for Valentine <3
Its a LOVE Scrapbook for Valentine.
It has space for 4 photos and 6 messages.
You can customize and buy it here:

 Have a look :)

Thanks a lot for visiting,