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Friday, 9 October 2015

Two Heart Shaped Cards!!!!!!!!!

 Hello all,

I know I took much time to come and post here :)
Hope you all are good :)

I have so many work to share with you, 
today lets start with 
Heart Shaped Box Card.

This card is really getting famous in all lovely ladies :)
 Last days I made two such cards and 
also having one order for same ;)

Ok so lets start with first card

I love this color comb,
it really looks pretty in real.

When you open it there are total 7 heart shapes where you can write a message or add a pic.

Both cards are almost same in shapes , pages and color combination just a change in design.

And this is second one
Woww I loved this front design, isn't it so flowery and beautiful :)
 Have a look on other pages.
I couldn't take nice photographs of this card as I was sick in that period :(

So its time to go
Hope you like my flowery heart shaped cards :)
Enjoy you weekend :)

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