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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Paper Rose making tutorial


I was so excited to share this tutorial with you all.
Its Rose tutorial with 5 petal flower craft punch.

Ok I am not taking you much time :D
So just follow the simple steps below :) 

1) You must have a 5 petal flower punch to make this kind of flowers and papers like tinted papers or chart papers

2) Take four flower shapes with your punch

3) Cut it in the same way as you can see in the below figure. Just keep one shape as it is and you will get that last one when you will cut you forth shape (with only three petals)

4) Glue the one side on another one as shown

5) Curve the petals in outward direction same like this don't do anything with last one

6) Ok now cut the tip of base part

7)  So its almost done :)
 Now start to stick one shape on another with glue like this. So this is second shape on the first base shape that we already kept as it is

8) This is third shape with three petals

 9) Now put your fourth shape above it

10) Ohk..so now its last one ..adjust it like this way 

 Wow congrats
 &  your rose flower is ready within a few minutes :)

 Here are few roses made by me with lovely colors

So guys its time to go..hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Thanks a lot for visiting,


  1. These are all adorable.Its really fabulous.I cann't believe this.Now i am going to try this idea.
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  2. These are totally beautiful. I like making my own flowers. Blessings Carole