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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Quilling is Magic :)


I Love Quilling..I just love to play with Papers..
Its a fun to give beautiful shapes to papers and get such awesome designs :)

According to me Quilling is all about Color combination.
 Recently I made two Quilling cards..so here I am sharing with you.
Hope you like it..Enjoy :)
This is the first one.
I loved this color combination, this Pink ,white and green color shades are really looking nice :)

And here is second one :)

This one I made as per order.
One of friend want one Special Birthday card for his close friend and she requested me to do some Quilling work on front page.
This purple color is also requested by her only :)
So I did that in this way :)
It looks so so lovely..Specially that quilled birds :)
Isn't it :)

 This is inside content :)
With one cute Marathi Love Message :)

Hope you like my both Quilling creations :)

Thanks for visting,

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